Lookout World! I’m gonna “Get Rich Quick”

Dollars in my eyesI hear this all the time from friends who blindly get involved in some “Get Rich Quick” or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) scheme.
I’ve even said “Lookout World! I’m gonna “Get Rich Quick” myself.
I admit that I have bought into more get-rich-quick schemes in my lifetime than I care to reveal to you.
I am ashamed of just how gullible I have been.

The names may change but the plans are the same.

All get-rich-quick schemes sound tempting. All you need to do is hand over $1000 investment and get 10 other friends to do the same and you’ll have it made.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was that easy.

Unfortunately most of us find out very quickly that we should have researched that opportunity a lot more before signing the check. We may also find out that we no longer have that many friends. LOL.

What is so bad about the MLM concept? After all, don’t all businesses incorporate multi levels of sales associates to market their products?  I mean … a sales manager won’t make any money for the company unless the salesmen under him make sales, right?  And then there is the district manager … he gets a cut too, right? So, how is that any different from a MLM company?  Ok. In the example above the “key” is in the word “product”. Legitimate companies focus on the sales of products.  What makes MLM ventures different is that they focus on the ML or Multi Level recruiting of people who rely solely on recruiting more people in order to receive a recruiting bonus which ends up becoming the primary focus of the company. Any income possibility from marketing a physical product that may exist takes a back seat to the “opportunity” to GET RICH by recruiting more people.

At this time

I would like to shine a light on a company  that offers a legitimate, obtainable opportunity to build your own work-from-home Internet Affiliate Marketing business.  I have thoroughly researched the  affiliate opportunity below and it receives 5 stars in my book. It is a functional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system published on www wordpress com.


Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: wealthyaffiliate.com
Price: $0 =Starter Membership

I definitely recommend starting Wealthy Affiliate with the FREE membership and learning all about the program before committing further. That way you will be able to develop real skills and a real website with the training available to you as a free member and become convinced for yourself how truly amazing this organization can be.
Advancing to the Premium membership is easy, inexpensive ($47/mo) and includes all the training and support you will ever need to succeed, available 24/7, including NO EXTRA FEE web hosting for 50 websites (usually costing $20.00 a month each and up).
With WA (Wealthy Affiliate) NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE is necessary and you can advance at your own pace.
You can also pick any niche you choose but I recommend looking for some topic you have been personally passionate about in your lifetime. This will insure a greater success for you. It won’t take you long after joining to realize that the main philosophy of the founders (Kyle and Carson) is to challenge people to understand that the most important ingredient of success is helping other people succeed (Pay It Forward). The community within WA is like nothing I have ever known.

It is a learning adventure. Enjoy.

For a detailed review of the training and support available through WA before you commit you may want to read my post “Wealthy Affiliate Training Review”

I highly recommend that you avoid all those scams out there and take the smart approach and learn the proper way to build an on-line business with Wealthy Affiliate.  I will be there every step of the way to help you succeed.

Give it a try. Go ahead and make your own free website. Click Here. You will be surprised just how easy it is to present yourself to the world.

While you’re at it maybe it would be beneficial to expand your horizons by joining a unique neighborhood of network marketers looking to expand their businesses into other venues.

If so, then MLM Gateway is the answer.

MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their business

Helping Network Marketers



  • Kenny

    I know exactly what you mean about people being gullible. I was there too. I was told to spend $80 a month and it would be paid for if I just get 2 people under me. The problem was they never really taught me how to get them under me. My friends and family all thought it was a scam so how was I supposed to get it out to others? They told me I needed a website but I didn’t know how to set on up… I hope you can help others stay away from scams. So do you have a program you recommend that is not a scam?

    • Ted Genders

      Thanks Kenny. Once burned, twice shy. I am trying to learn how to recommend WA on my site. I need more training, I guess. It seems impossible to say anything new without plagiarizing others’ work.

  • Well folks, as you can see I reached the point in my training with Wealthy Affiliates where I was able to insert links to WA on my pages. This whole process is really easier than I ever dreamed it would be and the support from other users is remarkable. This community really does believe in the Pay-It-Forward philosophy: If you help enough other people succeed then your own success will automatically follow.

  • John Rico

    Hey there! I’m a college student and I’m looking for a part time job online. I only have limited money to spend but I have plenty of spare time to invest. I heard things about wealthy affiliate but I don’t have a lot of knowledge prior to it. Do you think that I can handle this kind of job? I greatly appreciate your response.

    • Ted Genders

      Hi John,

      Thanks for expressing these concerns about Wealthy Affiliates. I don’t know how heavy your work load is with your college courses but I remember how mine was and I know it can be gruesome at times. I will say this … I simply replaced a lot of the time I spent on Facebook with an allotted amount of time studying the coursework in Wealthy Affiliates and found I was successfully publishing content in no time while I was still a FREE member. When I became a Premium member I literally only spent $13.95 for a one-year domain name of my own choosing and $19.00 for the first month of the premium membership. after that it only costs $49.00/month to continue all the advanced training at your own pace. I am convinced that it is the most affordable, user friendly, community supported opportunity available.

      All I can really say is jump in at the free level if you have a spare couple of hours and see what you think. One of the beautiful things about this organization is that you can suspend your account as many times as you feel necessary and they will still welcome you back and bend over backwards to help you succeed.

      Good luck in your decision and I’m looking forward to helping in any way I can.


  • Liz

    I too have been one of the gullible ones in the past…However, many of the ‘opportunities’ I have come across may have been able to offer me something of value, it is just that I was not ready for them at the time, OR they were just not suited to me. However, they may have suited other people.

    But, this get rich quick idea is very tantalising and we all are a bit prone to falling for these things because we want things to be easier than they usually are.

    I love wealthy affiliate and I feel it is the best place to learn from the bottom up what it takes to have a successful blog.

    • Hi Liz,

      Thanks for the great comments. The time I have spent reading other WA member’s comments, thoughts, suggestions and concerns the more I tend to agree with you that the fear of being ripped off is the greatest concern among people trying to acquire a valid education in affiliate marketing.

      When they join WA they realize almost instantly that it is the real deal and they have made the right choice. The more other members encourage you the more confidence you gain to believe you can really do this.

      Good luck in you success.

  • Jacob Schilling

    I love Wealthy Affiliate because it gives you an honest approach to making money online. Throughout the year I have been here, not once did I ever feel like I was being misled. Here at WA, they take the approach of showing you the realistic income expectations you can receive if you properly take action, and they teach you to be helpful and honest, and they throw away any sales pitch tactics when showing you the correct way of making money online, something lacking in every MLM module I have come across so far.

    • Ted Genders


      I greatly appreciate your up-front analysis of WA’s many services and features. I can’t agree more. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have accomplished here in the near future. Happy New Year. Make it a great one.

  • Jacob Schilling

    Getting rich quick is not viable for anyone starting out. Getting rich quick programs are for people who are masters of manipulation, people who know how to reel people in and sucker them.

    Wealthy Affiliate is my most recommended program to learn all of the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, and it has changed my life.

  • Jacob Schilling

    Hello there Ted. It truly is shameful that various scams turn people off to the idea of making money online. I myself find that affiliate marketing is the best non scam like way to make money online, and wealthy affiliate has taught me so much about it. If you haven’t heard about WA, give it a look I say!

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